It's not really about me

"may you broaden your horizon, so that one day you may help others broaden their own" - inscribed by Pedro Tweed to me while under his tutelage as a teenager

At the time Pedro (Pete) wrote those words in a Reflexology book he had given me, I did not yet know the depth of that gift.  After years of hashing out a career that suited me, I came to realize my life's work had been determined long ago; to be in service to others, by way of providing guidance for wellness, fitness and the pursuit of goals and dreams. 

First and foremost, I'm the Dad to a sweet, intelligent and talented 11 year old girl.  That fulfillment carries over to my work as a trainer and massage therapist.  What I enjoy most about these roles is in guiding people toward improved movement, strength, energy and overall quality of life.  I've helped hundreds of people overcome injury, become the most fit they've ever been and reach goals they greatly desired. This is truly fulfilling and I believe it is my purpose professionally.  Rounding out my personal and professional life is my passion for alpine skiing.  Over the years I've carved out a niche within the skiing community throughout the northeast, tying my skills as a trainer with those as a professional ski instructor.  I am the Technical Director of the Out of Control Ski Club and Snow Sports School based out of Albany, NY.   

I have worked with a wide range of people including:

  • Women and men up to age 93
  • High school, USA national team & professional athletes
  • Children with various goals and needs
  • Pre and post-op orthopedic patients 
  • Pre and post-op bariatric patients

I thrive on the uniqueness each person brings and the challenges presented as we strive to accomplish great things, together.